July 2017 ChesMMAP Catch Maps

Here is your 2017 ChesMMAP field season update! The July cruise is complete with a lot to report, including unusually high catch numbers and diversity for Chesapeake Bay mid-summer. We’ve seen catch numbers for our Sciaenids gradually increasing recently, and Atlantic croaker, spot, kingfish, and weakfish catches continue to show improvement. Also in abundance were harvestfish, Northern searobins, and a high diversity of stingrays. Some juvenile sandbar sharks even made an appearance. According to Chief Scientist, Dustin Gregg, higher catches and diversity were seen particularly along the Virginia Eastern Shore side of the Bay (spadefish, Northern puffer, striped burrfish, bluntnose stingray).

Herrings and menhaden displayed typical low summer catches, but white perch catches were also limited to just a couple of stations as well.

Habitat such as dead man’s fingers (a bryozoan), hydroids, redbeard sponge, and sea squirts were widespread in lower bay catches.

Stay tuned for July ChesMMAP water quality updates and results of the truncated spring NEAMAP cruise.

Scientific Crew: J. Eckert, D. Gregg (Chief), R. Hailey, Alex Johnson, Gregg Mears, Taylor Moore, Cameron Ward.

Vessel Crew: J. Olney Jr. (Captain), K. Mayer (Mate)