Shark Map, August 2018

A total of 40 adult and juvenile sharks were caught, tagged, and released during the August longline and COASTSPAN surveys.

Longline survey crew:  B. Hamilton, K. O’Brien, M. Farnham, R. Hailey, G. Mears (Cheif), C. Peterson, and D. Gregg.  R/V Bay Eagle crew:  V. Hogge (Captain), T. Moore (Mate)

COASTSPAN Eastern Shore survey crew:  J. Gregg, R. Hailey, M. Farnham, G. Mears.  R/V Scallop crew: S. Fate (Captain)

COASTPAN Chesapeake Bay survey crew:  M. Farnham, R. Hailey, J. Gregg, G. Mears.  R/V Scallop crew: S. Fate (Captain)