Fall 2018 NEAMAP Food Webs

Our diet analysis lab was extremely productive over the winter!  We finished up the fall NEAMAP samples in record time, leaving a large vacant spot in the lab awaiting the return of the March ChesMMAP cruise and more stomachs.  Discover what we saw in the fish stomachs, learn about who was eating whom, and explore the structure of food webs in the nearshore habitat of the US mid-Atlantic coast.

Fall 2018 Food Webs

Hive Plots of NEAMAP food webs in 7 different regions of the study area.

Gut Lab Personnel:  M. Chattin, D. Gauthier, B. Hamilton, C. Ward, O. Robson, C. Davis



NEAMAP Spring 2018 Food Webs

Learn about our Mid-Atlantic coastal food webs.  Use the drop-down menu in the hive plot below to toggle between regions in the NEAMAP study area.

Shark Map, June 2018

See where juvenile and adult sharks were caught, tagged, and released during the June 2018 Longline and COASTSPAN surveys.


Longline Crew: G. Mears, J. Eckert (Chief Scientist), T. Moore, C. Peterson, K. O’Brien, J. Olney Jr. (Captain), K. Mayer (Mate)

COASTSPAN Chesapeake Bay Crew: J. Eckert (Chief Scientist), R. Hailey, B. Hamilton, S. Fate (Captian), E. Smith (Captain)

COASTSPAN Eastern Shore Crew: J. Eckert (Chief Scientist), R. Hailey, B. Hamilton, P. Ross (Captian), E. Smith (Captain)

May 2018 ChesMMAP Catch Maps

CaptureThe first catch maps of the 2018 MRG field season are here! ChesMMAP encountered a good diversity of species last month at our 80 stratified random stations including 32 finfish species, 5 elasmobranch species, 10 invertebrate species, and 5 species categorized as habitat.

Kingfish, weakfish, and harvestfish were caught at 20 to 30 percent of the stations; northern puffer, striped burrfish, Atlantic menhaden, bluefish, Atlantic croaker, and spotted hake were caught at 10 to 20 percent of the stations.

Use the link to the map to explore locations where each species was caught.

Scientists on board were: J. Eckert (Cheif), J. Gartland, J. Gregg, and L. Jenner. The R/V Bay Eagle was operated by: J. Olney Jr (Captain) and K. Mayer (Mate).