May 2018 ChesMMAP Catch Maps

CaptureThe first catch maps of the 2018 MRG field season are here! ChesMMAP encountered a good diversity of species last month at our 80 stratified random stations including 32 finfish species, 5 elasmobranch species, 10 invertebrate species, and 5 species categorized as habitat.

Kingfish, weakfish, and harvestfish were caught at 20 to 30 percent of the stations; northern puffer, striped burrfish, Atlantic menhaden, bluefish, Atlantic croaker, and spotted hake were caught at 10 to 20 percent of the stations.

Use the link to the map to explore locations where each species was caught.

Scientists on board were: J. Eckert (Cheif), J. Gartland, J. Gregg, and L. Jenner. The R/V Bay Eagle was operated by: J. Olney Jr (Captain) and K. Mayer (Mate).

May 2017 ChesMMAP Interactive Catch Maps

Now reporting the most recent ChesMMAP catch map. Our interactive map is now more comprehensive, including incidental catches of invertebrates and habitat encountered. The crew noted higher than usual catches of white and channel catfish in the upper reaches of the Bay. In addition, spot catches were higher than in recent years, and kingfish continue to rally.



May 2017 ChesMMAP Catch Map

Scientific Crew: D. Gregg (Chief), J. Eckert, A. Johnson, R. Hailey, G. Mears, T. Moore

R/V Bay Eagle Crew: J. Olney Jr. (Captain), K. Mayer (Mate)

New Web Map Apps

New for 2017, our catch maps in web app format!



We will continue to provide cruise catch maps and water quality maps after each cruise, but now our catch data for selected species are summarized by cruise and by year.  The ChesMMAP data are pooled across all years and reported by cruise: March, May, July, September, and November as well as pooled across all cruises and reported by year, from 2002 to 2016.  The NEAMAP data are likewise reported by year, for both Spring and Fall from 2007 to 2016.  For the NEAMAP catch summaries by cruise, the apps incorporate a swipe tool to quickly compare Fall and Spring in the same map.


ChesMMAP web app summarizing yearly catch data



NEAMAP web app summarizing yearly catch data



NEAMAP catch web app with swipe tool comparing Spring and Fall


ChesMMAP Water Quality, Spring 2015

We are now heading into the warm (hot) field season when the water temperature and dissolved oxygen in the Chesapeake Bay become critical to our relative catch size.  This spring, ChesMMAP experienced the coldest water temperatures on record during the March cruise.  But the May cruise heated up significantly, showing some small areas already becoming hypoxic.  Compare the March and May bottom water temperatures, and see where hypoxic zones are cropping up below.

May 2015 Bottom Water Temperature, ChesMMAP

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May 2015 Bottom Dissolved Oxygen, ChesMMAP

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ChesMMAP 2015, May Cruise Catch Results

After a chilly start to the ChesMMAP field season (March 2015 water temperatures were the coldest on record) and low catches, the May cruise ended on a more productive note with 36 species represented.  Click on the View Larger Map link below to fully interact with the May ChesMMAP catches.

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Crew:  J. Gregg, D. Gregg (cheif scientist), G. Mears, J. Eckert, B. Davis, T. Moore, and M. Oliver
Captian: John Olney Jr.
Mate: Keith Mayer